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Bring the Light

Sister Bridget Ann Rincón-Keller is known as the crime-fighting nun of East Austin's Latino Community. But her heartstrings may be pulled beyond their limit when she finds a newborn by the statue of the Virgin Mary. The baby’s mother is an undocumented, teenage immigrant. ICE separates the girl from her baby, and Sister Bridget tries to reunite them. But little does she know, there are five other girls, victims of Mexico's kidnapping epidemic, who also need her help. Sister Bridget puts her life on the line. Can she rescue the girls…and herself…from the clutches of evil?

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Pura Vida

Pura Vida is a story about a family with a great deal on its plate: undocumented immigration, deportation, war, death, drugs, teenage pregnancy and terrorism.


Terrorists have entered the US, inciting violence and plotting a race war. Sister Bridget and fifteen-year-old Miguel Lopez must race against the clock to stop them.


Meanwhile, Miguel's mother journeys deep into Mexico to find her husband and tell him that their older son has died in Afghanistan.

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